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Knowing what “Good” looks like: Building a Successful Business

The UK construction industry is renowned for being cut-throat competitive. In difficult times there are too many bees around the honey pot tendering for the same project, and turnover is hard to come by. In boom times there is a lot of work available but you haven’t got the right staff available to deliver it.

Strategic growth

Understanding what “good” looks like stems from strategically setting your goals, understanding your strengths and ensuring your product is never compromised by over- promising and under-delivering. Chasing turnover can often lead to failure but remaining focused on your strategy gives you control which drives efficiency, quality, consistency and profitability.


As a group of six specialist construction services companies, the De Group has seen its turnover rise from £3m in its first year in 2009 to £54m in 2016. Optimised, the group will trade comfortably just under £100m before 2020.

Doing what we do best

De Group provides a suite of Specialist Services that all rely on the same fundamental disciplines to ensure the best product is provided. They include: deconstructing and significantly structurally altering structures, excavating underneath to provide basements, advising on Health and Safety and Asbestos management, specialist construction services and providing resource into the Construction industry and Rail sector.

The Board’s Vision

Paul Ford, Group Chairman said:

Before we even had the company names, we wrote down our priorities. Very strong governance and systems, the best working environment and support culture for our staff and a determined effort to provide the best service and quality product in the market, and of course the strongest financial management.

Goodman Jones

It was in 2014 that we recognised we needed to bring in a stronger partner to assist with managing our financial and corporate strategy. When we met Larry Phillips it became instantly clear that he shared a very similar ethos of how to do business, and understood what good looks like.

Larry listened to what we had to say and instantly showed excitement for our potential. He provided sound advice and encouragement and brought in the right experts when needed.

When we do business, I believe our success stems from our enthusiasm for the challenge. We only target or pursue the right projects for us, where we know we have the right experts in the business to deliver the best result. Our enthusiasm is matched with integrity and professionalism, such that our clients, in almost every instance come back to us time and time again. Larry and Goodman Jones excel at that too!

Larry said,

Success in business is always about the people. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to work with all those at the De Group and help them succeed. The group has strong foundations in place for its continued growth. They have a quality product and robust governance supporting a great team. We look forward to even more successes in the future.

In closing Paul reflected:

As the De Group heads into the future, Goodman Jones will remain at the heart of our journey. Good business is delivered through strong values, we are proud to have a partner in Goodman Jones, where those values are shared.

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