Expert Witness for Matrimonial Disputes

Divorce is a stressful and difficult time, and it is important that if you find yourself in that situation that you receive good advice delivered promptly and accurately.

We work with family lawyers to provide clarity on the tax position for divorcing couples and produce Expert Witness reports for use in the courts, whether as single Joint Instructed experts or as an Expert Witness advising one side.

Transfers between spouses who are in the process of divorcing may be transferred between them without triggering a capital gains tax charge for the transferring spouse, provided this occurs in the year of separation. This has the effect of shifting the tax burden on realisation of the assets to the recipient spouse and this will have to be taken into account when determining whether the split is equitable or not.

We can advise on high value and complex cases, particularly those involving:

  • Overseas property
  • Offshore trusts and other structures
  • Business shareholdings, including valuations
  • UK residential property held through offshore structures

We can determine the latent tax liabilities on transfers of assets between spouses, as well as advising on ways in which the situation can be improved.