Business Advice

Make the right judgments

Our experts can help you achieve the best outcome from any business situation.    

Every business owner needs a sounding-board from time to time.

Maybe your company has reached a critical juncture in its lifecycle, and you require some formal strategic input. Or perhaps you’re mulling a decision, and want to quickly run it by a seasoned expert.

This is when you need a trusted advisor: somebody who knows your firm inside-out, and understands your long-term ambitions.

Goodman Jones has helped hundreds of leaders to make the right judgments, by bringing an experienced and independent perspective. We know what getting the big decisions right – or wrong – can mean to the lives and families of the people who build and run companies.

Your first port of call

We offer a wide range of advice and support services to help you maximise value and minimise uncertainty when making critical decisions:

  • Strategic direction

We regularly contribute to strategy formulation for key developments like international expansion. We can carry out detailed modelling and forecasting, or simply bring the benefits of our experience helping similar businesses tackle similar issues.

  • Negotiation

We’ll attend meetings with banks to discuss finance facilities, and be part of your negotiations with key partners such as distributors.

  • Transactions

We guide business owners and leaders through due diligence, M&A, post-merger integration and exit.

  • Business performance improvement

We can make sure your finance team is a high-performing, high-value business partner, not just a support function. 

  • Succession planning

Planning carefully for your exit from the business is vital to its longevity. We’ll help you identify the right successors, or get your company ready for sale.

What's Next for Your Business?