VAT & Customs Duty

Avoiding VAT traps

When VAT was introduced in 1973 the then Chancellor described it as ‘a simple tax’.

Whilst it may be simple in concept, the raft of legislation and complexity surrounding definitions have made it one of the most complex taxes.   It can also have some of the most damaging ramifications for businesses.

Our priority is to ensure our clients don’t have any shocks or surprises when it comes to VAT and Customs Duty.

We do the work to make sure that the VAT liability is right from the outset and regular reviewing and planning will keep on top of changing legislation as well as changes to your business.

How we’ve helped:

  • Guiding property developers through the VAT minefield that can accompany conversion of commercial to residential property
  • Advising on import/export duties for UK and non-UK companies
  • Helping businesses recover their VAT on business and staff entertaining
  • Helping businesses considering new territories to evaluate their VAT position.
  • Helping charities understand their VAT position of their income in relation to grants and fees
  • Helping charities ensure that they are claiming all their eligible VAT reliefs

Taking away the Admin burden of VAT

In addition to helping you get ahead of your VAT requirements, we can also take away the burden of compliance by taking on the following:

  • VAT return preparation and submission
  • VAT registration
  • Preparation and submission of Intrastat and EC Sales lists
  • VAT grouping
  • Claims for overseas VAT