International groups expanding into the UK

Setting up in a new jurisdiction is an exciting step for a business and the UK is a land of opportunity and advantages. See our guide on Doing Business in the UK.

We have helped organisations from a range of countries including; Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Gulf states, Ireland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, USA and more.

However, the UK tax code is a complex regime that can be a minefield for those not familiar with its intricacies.

We see our role as hand-holding you and your business through what can seem to be an alien regime.

In addition to our own expertise in London, we can call on GMN International, our worldwide association of legally independent accounting firms.

As well as being proud to be the UK representative firm of GMN International, we are a listed in the Department for Business and Trade's UK Investment Support Directory.

We can provide a complete service to incoming business whether it is planning to establish a full permanent establishment or a simple UK-based support operation, or any permutation in between.


We help the organisation explore which structure is most suited to their requirements – typically, but not limited to, either a UK limited company, a UK partnership or a UK-registered branch of the parent company.

Tax Planning & Advice

We guide investors through UK tax and anti-avoidance legislation and provide support for both the organisation and the individuals including:

  • Corporation Tax compliance
    • We can help you get your tax strategy right from the outset.
    • We can also act as your tax agent in the UK and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Transfer pricing:
    • We can look at the consideration of the proposed business model and risk allocation between parent and subsidiary to identify the nature of the return the UK operation should be seen to achieve.
    • We can Identify the transactions / inter-company interactions which could be covered by transfer pricing rules
    • We can benchmark to confirm the appropriateness of the inter-company prices charged.
    • We can support you to ensure appropriate inter-company agreements are in place.

VAT & Customs Duty

We explain the principles behind VAT, and advise on the need for, and arrange if necessary, VAT registration.

We can guide you through the VAT implications of your operations as well as provide advice on specific transactions such as property acquisitions.


We can advise on all aspects of bringing employees, directors and partners to the UK including:

  • Considering employment tax issues whether they are ex-pats relocating or new employment of locals.
  • Helping employers evaluate the position regarding salary equalisation across countries.
  • Providing HR advice and support including creating staff handbooks and providing interview support.
  • Providing your payroll operation including payroll equalisation and support with P11D compliance.
  • Advising on auto-enrolment and pensions issues.
  • Helping to understand UK National Insurance requirements.


We can provide your on-going UK accounting and advise on modifications to your processes required for UK purposes.

Accounting Services and Systems

We can take care of your bookkeeping and management reporting using our online accounting systems.  You can have secure instant access to your businesses books and records whenever you need them, wherever you are.

You will receive accurate and timely financial information, and have the reassurance that your accounting records are maintained, up-to-date and reviewed for accuracy by our professional team.

As part of this service we prepare the VAT Return and submit it to HMRC on your behalf.

The financial pack we prepare contains all the reporting and additional analysis that we usually find is required. However, if you have a specific reporting requirement we are flexible and can include any further information you need.

Technical Accounting Support

We can provide your on-going UK accounting technical accounting support.  For example, if you wish to check the impact of a UL accounting policy or advise on modifications required for UK purposes. 

IFRS Accounting

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) applies whether you are required to report publicly or whether you are an SME though there are different standards for each with much fewer disclosure requirements for SMEs. We can ensure that your accounts comply.

UK Audit

We are registered auditors and have considerable experience acting as auditor for the UK subsidiaries of international groups as well as UK consolidated accounts. We work to international auditing standards.

Financial Due Diligence

We can provide full financial due diligence for acquirers of UK businesses.


  • We are experts in property and tax issues arising in the UK. We are also well connected within the sector and able to make introductions for those looking for premises, be they for occupation by the business or accommodation for ex-patriate employees.

How We’ve Helped:

  • Provided domiciliation services for a French financial services business and provided IFRS Financial Statements.
  • Provided an independent valuation of a British business that was being acquired by a Belgian company in compliance with International Accounting Standards.
  • Helping an Austrian subsidiary re employee taxation issues.
  • We helped a US company with the conversion of its standard US employment contract to a UK-compliant equivalent.  The US business had not been aware that its standard contract could expose it to penalty under UK employment legislation.
  • We conduct the UK audit for a subsidiary of a German listed Group.
  • We provided support and tax advice in the respect of a sale of a UK subsidiary of a US parent.
  • We have produced management accounts to facilitate easy decision making across multiple currencies whilst ensuring that VAT returns are filed in GB Pounds.
  • Helping an international group register for VAT overseas.
  • Advising on exporting goods to non-EU countries.
  • Advising on VAT implications of selling services to EU member states under the reverse charge mechanism.
  • Audit of worldwide group with UK parent.



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