Creative Industries

Leaders in the creative industries are in business for a reason: to do high-quality, creative work. Their focus is typically on the creative, not the commercial; on people and talent, rather than finances and accounts.

Yet it’s more important than ever to secure the commercial underpinning of a creative business. The sector is facing disruption on a number of fronts:

  • unprecedented technological change
  • an increasingly globalised market
  • prevailing uncertainty in the global business climate

That’s why it’s vital to have a strategic business partner by your side.

Dedicated expertise

Creative firms need advisors who can help them safeguard the commercial and financial wellbeing of the organisation, and get business-critical decisions right.

At Goodman Jones, we understand the creative sector. We always put your people before the numbers, and look to the future of your organisation, not just the past.

We have extensive experience of helping creative leaders to:

  • structure their service offering from the ground up
  • structure their international operations for a global market
  • assess the business against their growth and exit strategies
  • benchmark financial performance against competitors and peers
  • optimise reward structures in an industry where talent is everything
  • scrutinise the financial elements of their contracts
  • understand the impact of their decisions and investments on their profitability, cash-flow and tax liabilities

Our work is underpinned by the latest CRM and workflow automation technologies, ensuring a seamless, high-value and cost-effective service.

Specialist services

Having a strategic partner who’s integral to the business frees up your senior management to focus on creative operations. Our specialist, partner-led service offers support with a wide range of commercial and financial imperatives:

  • Strategic business consultancy

We’ll support your strategic planning, and help you equip your business to achieve its aims. And we’ll provide practical advice on how to resolve business issues, improve your processes and maximise your bottom line.

  • Reward structuring

We can help you introduce tax-efficient staff incentives such as share options, and advise on the personal tax implications. And for business owners, we’ll suggest the optimal reward mix to minimise tax liabilities and risk.

  • International support

We’re experienced at supporting creative firms’ cross-border operations and international transfer pricing. And we can recommend and co-ordinate overseas advisors, as members of the GMN International accountants’ network.

  • Tax planning

We’ll make sure you’re compliant with tax legislation wherever you operate – while minimising your liabilities. We’ll advise you on the tax implications of the decisions and investments you make, and on tax developments affecting the creative sectors.

  • Accounting and audit

We bring our knowledge of the creative industries to your statutory financial accounting and reporting requirements, and tailor our approach to the nuances of each market.

Who we help

Our team has deep expertise across creative markets, including:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • TV and film
  • Publishing
  • Createch
  • Games
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Intellectual property including trademark and patent attorneys
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Design and craft
  • Arts and culture