Land remediation tax reliefs for property developers

Now that property finance has become more readily available, our developer clients have significantly increased their activities.  Naturally this is leading to discussions about tax reliefs on contaminated or derelict land remediation expenditure. Land remediation expenditure can be subject to an enhanced deduction of 150% of the qualifying trading costs incurred by a company.  Qualifying[…]

Why mentoring will lead to better results from your internal finance team

Key to every successful medium-sized and large business is a successful finance team. They go together. The idea that you can have a successful business that grows and thrives without having a good finance team is nonsense. And that comes down to people. In the finance team, the value that your people can bring goes[…]

What does ‘good’ look like when it comes to financial management reporting?

All businesses need to be well loved from a financial point of view, or they won’t succeed. They might have a strong growth curve and good profits, perhaps many hundreds of thousands a year, but without a good finance team when they hit a problem – and all businesses face challenges – the problem can[…]

Initial thoughts on Taxation after Brexit

Although the Brexit process is anticipated to take at least two years it is worth considering the possible tax consequences of leaving the EU. Indirect Tax The UK is part of the EU Customs Union and therefore goods can be moved to and from other member states without duties (either customs duties or import VAT).[…]

Client focus, innovation and global expansion behind FR Events’ success

CEO and Founder, Jodie Abrahams began FR Events in 2007 to create a fundraising model which would consistently deliver, changing the face of fundraising worldwide. The most important factor is that there is no financial liability to the charity or organisation running the event. This is because FR Events believe that 100% of money raised should[…]

New roles and initiatives at Goodman Jones

Cetin Suleyman, Managing Partner said, “I am delighted to make the following announcements, which are driven by the sole purpose of enhancing the service we provide to our clients. “By adding value through our tax consultancy and business advisory services, we’re underlining our firm’s ethos and commitment to being more than just chartered accountants.” Partner Promotion Janet Pilborough-Skinner[…]