Last chance for offshore disclosure – New Worldwide Disclosure Facility announced

Automatic Exchange of Information arrangements between tax authorities are gathering pace and  over 100 countries have signed up to a global system which is known as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).  This will come into force over the next two years.  Under the CRS tax authorities in the participating countries will automatically exchange information.  This[…]

A recent history of property taxation – 2016

Compared to today, property investment taxation before 2013 was relatively straightforward with one of the more complex discussions being convincing non-residents that they really could realise profits on investment sites without UK Capital Gains Tax.  Changes were made in 2013 which proved to be the start of a wholesale reform to various aspects of property[…]

Land remediation tax reliefs for property developers

Now that property finance has become more readily available, our developer clients have significantly increased their activities.  Naturally this is leading to discussions about tax reliefs on contaminated or derelict land remediation expenditure. Land remediation expenditure can be subject to an enhanced deduction of 150% of the qualifying trading costs incurred by a company.  Qualifying[…]

Why mentoring will lead to better results from your internal finance team

Key to every successful medium-sized and large business is a successful finance team. They go together. The idea that you can have a successful business that grows and thrives without having a good finance team is nonsense. And that comes down to people. In the finance team, the value that your people can bring goes[…]

What does ‘good’ look like when it comes to financial management reporting?

All businesses need to be well loved from a financial point of view, or they won’t succeed. They might have a strong growth curve and good profits, perhaps many hundreds of thousands a year, but without a good finance team when they hit a problem – and all businesses face challenges – the problem can[…]