Professional Practices

We help professional  practices,  and the people who run them, by providing the accounting services you would expect but also by helping to develop the strategic thinking behind their practice management.

As a practice that was established in 1934, we have grown and remained successful despite the challenges that have faced us all over the more recent times.  We have also been lauded for our innovation, we were one of the very first firms to set up an IT company back in 1999 when it was not expected and how we have embraced technology to improve our efficiency.

However, what sets our service apart is  our commitment to giving each of our clients complete partner care, attention and responsiveness.  We believe we can bring real value to the relationships with our clients by ensuring that your client partner will always have a complete perspective on all aspects that may affect any decisions or issues you face.

We are delighted therefore that we have relationships with our clients which are measured in decades.

Who we help

We work with a range of professional practices but have a particular understanding of law firms, architects practices, patent attorneys and property consultants.


As Chartered Accountants, we will ensure that when we prepare your statutory accounts, the disclosure requirements are met and that they comply with either UK GAAP, FRS102, SRA Accounts Rules.


Our audit partners, managers and staff work together as one specialist team, ensuring that audits are cost effective and that technical issues are dealt with swiftly and practically.  We receive praise from clients for the fact that our understanding of your practice runs throughout the audit team so you won’t find yourself spending time explaining how your firm operates to our audit team.

Financial stability

We can help to improve profitability and cash flow by effective WIP and recovery processes.  We believe in coaching in house teams so that they incorporate best practice.

Merger support

We can help ensure that the integration of financial systems is done efficiently so that business is not interrupted.

Online accounting

We developed our online accounting service in order to be able to streamline the service we provide.  This eliminates unnecessary time spent on data transfer and enabling us to focus our time on getting straight to work on the data.

In addition to the improved efficiency (and lower costs) of the service we provide, it also means that we have open communication with our clients and are able to provide real time answers.   Something that has always been at the heart of the Goodman Jones approach.

Instant access to your business accounting.
  • Easy and fast access to your accounting system and scanned documents.  You just need a web browser and internet access.
  • No software to install and manage, Access to your records and figures, wherever you are.
  • Multiple user access
  • Safe and secure with the headache of those IT management issues solved by someone else.
  • Real time reports and Excel integration
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Project costing
  • Fixed asset management
  • Simple importing of data from online bank or third party

Partners' tax

In addition to advising many professional firms, we also provide a service that firms offer to their partners to advise on  tax liabilities and manage their Self Assessment Returns. 

Structuring the partnership

We are very familiar with the issues that are causing firms, particularly law firms, to have to re-consider the balance of equity and partnership structure and can help to guide your thinking.

Succession planning

Retirement of partners has become an area that is increasingly complex and the forward looking aspect of maintaining the strength of the firm during these transitions can suffer from not getting the attention it warrants.

Tax planning

We can advise you on your tax liabilities but also ensure that you take advantage of the reliefs that may be available to you, for example R&D tax credits are available to firms of architects who can demonstrate innovation.

In addition to navigating you through the complexities of the UK tax system, we can also call on expertise across the globe, should  you be working internationally.

We can advise the business but also the key individuals working within it, whether they are directors or partners.