Personal Tax Planning

Advice that’s tailored to you

For high net-worth individuals, tax planning is an inevitable part of life.

The fiscal issues you encounter will often be shaped by your life stages, events and ambitions. That’s why you need an adviser who can find the right tax arrangements for you, your family, and your circumstances as they evolve.

The Goodman Jones personal tax team supports business and property owners, senior partners and executives, globally mobile individuals and their families.

We’ll help you to structure your finances appropriately, and keep your tax affairs in order.

Bespoke solutions

Personal tax is a complex field. There are currently over 1,000 potential tax reliefs available to individual taxpayers in the UK; and the rules are constantly changing.

At the same time, everybody’s situation is unique. We take the time to get to know yours in depth.

We look at not just your finances, business and property, but also your personal and family circumstances and motivations, professional ambitions, and life goals.

This allows us to see the picture behind the technical detail. We’ll examine your tax status holistically. And we’ll design a tailored solution that meets you and your family’s needs – while minimising your tax liability.

A personal service

Our clients stay with us for the long term, because we know them as individuals.

We combine our tax planning expertise and experience with a deeply personal service. We act as trusted advisors to our clients and their families throughout their lives and careers.

We’ll help you to understand what it is you want from life, and what you want your money to achieve. We’ll make sure your financial arrangements support the directions you want your life to go in. And we’ll adapt your tax solutions as your situation changes over time.

Our personal tax planning services include:

We can also help with cross-border arrangements, via our associates in the GMN International accountants’ network. We’ll handpick overseas specialists who are best placed to support your particular needs.

Thanks to Goodman Jones, a long-running HMRC investigation has been resolved to my extreme satisfaction. From the start, they were committed to my cause. Their attention to detail, determination and tenacity enabled them to demonstrate compliance with international requirements. They really couldn’t have done more to look out for me.

UK personal tax client