Business Performance Improvement

Strengthen your backbone

Your finance team is a strategic business partner, not just a back-office function. We help them to help you get the big decisions right.

A high-performing finance team adds strategic and financial value to the business it serves.

How? By generating the intelligence the management team needs when making the decisions that will shape the company’s future.

Your finance team is the backbone of your strategic decision-making process. We’re here to ensure it’s equipped for this critical role.

Real-world expertise

Goodman Jones is uniquely positioned to mentor your finance team, and to help you establish the conditions that will allow them to thrive.

We’re entrepreneurs as well as accountants. We combine deep business and financial expertise with years of experience of running businesses in the real world. So we understand your ambitions, as well as the challenges that can get in the way of achieving them. We know the issues that business owners and their finance teams typically face.

And crucially, we know how to find the solutions that will help maximise the value of your operations and investments.

Better business decisions

We work with you to give your finance team what it needs to support your strategic decision-making. We help your management team to understand what an effective finance team does; and what your own business needs from its finance function.

Then we make sure the team can produce what you need, when you need it, now and in the future.

The result: better business decisions, which help your firm realise its full potential over the long term.

Tailored support

How does our business improvement service work?

No two businesses are alike. We help you optimise the performance of your finance team, so that it can support your business.

We work with business owners, management teams and finance teams. We analyse your existing finance team and financial processes, identify what good looks like for your firm, and highlight any missing ingredients. We then design and implement your unique solution.

This might include:

  • recommending the ideal structure for your finance team
  • improving your financial systems and processes, so your team can rapidly produce the high-quality intelligence your management team depends on
  • designing and creating more effective management reports
  • developing and delivering coaching and mentoring plans for members of your finance and/or management team
  • training for new board directors

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