Risk Management

Charities can face many and varied risks – whether these be operational, financial, governance, external, compliance or strategic risks. Managing and mitigating these risks are responsibilities of the Trustees. We believe that risk management is far more than just a compliance requirement – it is a very useful management tool that can allow a charity to operate and achieve its aims more efficiently and effectively.

Our specialist team use their in-depth knowledge of your organisation and work closely with you to ensure that you have a risk management process in place that helps to identify potential risks and plans the best approach to countering these risks.

This involves:

  • Creating a risk policy
  • Identifying risks
  • Assessing these risks and their impact
  • Planning procedures to mitigate these risks
  • Establishing a risk review procedure

Alongside our risk management reviews, we undertake full reviews of your systems and processes. Our proposals and recommended approaches are designed with your organisation in mind – we know that every organisation is unique and faces specific risks. Therefore, we provide bespoke advice based on your needs.