Expanding your business internationally

Making the most of overseas opportunities can take different forms for different businesses. Whether you are looking to set up a subsidiary or simply looking to make sure that you are managing your international trade effectively, we can help you explore all routes to global growth and develop an international strategy that’s right for you.

In addition to our own expertise in London, we can call on GMN International, our worldwide association of legally independent accounting firms.

Trading internationally

You may prefer to take a gradual approach to global expansion to establish the viability of your brand or product in a new market. You could choose to have a digital presence, to have limited sales presence or to find a partner already established on the ground.

Whichever route you choose, you will want to be sure that you are fully aware of the implications and risks and that it is the right stepping stone to achieve your goals.

We can help evaluate your options and help you make your decision confident that it is fully informed one for your objectives.

Establishing an overseas subsidiary or branch

We can advise on the most suitable structure for your business.

We have an international association of advisers in over 50 countries who can advise on establishing a base, or cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Through our close working relationships, we are able to provide seamless solutions in all major global centres. 


Whether you decide to send UK employees abroad or work with new local employees, there are tax implications that employers need to be aware of. We can help evaluate your options to support your decision-making. We can also advise your employees/partners or directors if required.

VAT & Customs Duty

We can guide you through the VAT implications of your overseas operations as well as specific transactions such as property which can have unforeseen complications.

We can help to organise VAT registration in another country if required.

Multi-currency Accounting Systems

We can help international businesses with their accounting systems and defining the KPIs that can monitor trends across multi-national operations and best support management level decision-making.

IFRS Accounts

International groups may require IFRS accounts for a number of reasons such as reporting to investors. We can produce IRFS accounts for you.

How we’ve Helped:

  • Double Tax Treaty advice for a business setting up in South Africa that looked at the Permanent Establishment status, VAT and Withholding taxes.
  • Advising on structuring a UK professional practice who wanted to establish a presence in a EU member state. Also advised UK partners on their new tax position within a corporate structure and salary equalisation.
  • Advised a UK construction business on a demerger and subsequently established subsidiaries in two new countries.
  • Advised a media business on establishing a presence in the Far East.
  • Gave advice on currency fluctuations for a creative business with international client base.
  • Helping a UK airline business Brexit-Proof their business.
  • Provided a London-based entrepreneurial organisation with a new accounting system to handle multiple currencies. They now have consistency across their management accounts across all entities in the group. They can produce monthly group information efficiently and easily which means well-informed strategic decisions can be taken almost immediately.
  • Advising a food processing business to set up in Latin America. We produced financial models of all the alternative approaches including evaluating logistics and customs duties and final business case report as well as advice on the best structure for the overseas business.
  • Helping with VAT explanations of selling overseas including registering for VAT in another country.
  • Advising on the VAT implications of exporting works of art.