Sustainable Business

Goodman Jones is founded on a primary belief that building a successful and therefore sustainable business is about doing what’s best for the long term. That has always guided us in terms of how we manage our own business but also in the service we provide to our clients.

We are committed to ensuring that Goodman Jones is a sustainable and inclusive organisation and are focusing our action in two key areas:

  • Environmental
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are building these into our Governance and ensure that all decisions are taken with a view to
improving the impact we have on the planet and our community.

What we are doing

Our Sustainability Committee is tasked with monitoring our impact and constantly seeking new ways to improve.


So far we have:

  • Goodman Jones LLP The Mayors Business Climate Challege Certificate Nov 2023Exceeded our target to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions as part of the Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC).
  • Commissioned a carbon footprint audit to understand the impact of our office building.
  • Converted our lighting to LED bulbs.
  • Reduced the amount of waste being sent to landfill having sourced a waste provider which
    has their own fully licensed Waste Recycling Centre. This facility allows them to separate
    recyclables and process them in the most efficient way. Some waste is being converted
    into fuel.
  • Eliminated the use of single use plastic in our kitchen waste.
  • Recycled the furniture in our recent refurbishment.
  • Introduced Fab little bags to reduce waste impacting on Life in the Sea.
  • We provide sustainable, ethical period products to all our staff.
  • Encouraged staff to use public transport or bicycles to work.
  • Replaced our glass water bottes with refillable alternatives.


We are also keen to support our employees in helping them to make more sustainable choices and are consulting with staff regularly to explore the best way to do that.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe talent can come from anywhere and actively encourage people to join us through
alternative routes. We are especially delighted about all those who have joined GJ in a non-
professional capacity and then chosen to take the path to accountancy qualification.

Our recruitment has always been open to all and when recruiting our trainees, we advertise on
ICAEW and we don’t approach any particular universities as that could exclude certain demographic groups. 

We have family friendly policies for working parents that include our IVF, Adoption and Menopause policies.

We have also partnered with Grace & Green to become a Period Dignity Employer.

We run a mandatory diversity awareness education programme for all staff and also educate in other other areas such as mental health.

We also run a calendar of awareness raising for different diversity strands which includes culture and religion.  We have one of the first Flexible Bank Holiday policies which enables our people to recognise important dates they choose.

Sustainable Business Values

Looking after our clients

We look after our clients’ affairs as if they were our own. We invest the time necessary to become their trusted business partners by fully understanding their business needs and concerns, and devising appropriate solutions to their problems.

We value the long term relationships we have with our clients and appreciate the position of trust we are in. We work to help their business succeed not just in the short term but by also being mindful of the longer term impacts that can affect a businesses’ sustainability.

We are guided by what is in their best interests, not our own.

Looking after our own people

We recognise that our people are our most valuable asset. We will treat each other fairly and courteously, and we will work hard with our people to help them be the best that they can be.

Relationships flourish and we become stronger when we work together, we value teamwork and team players.

We support workplace flexibility and balance in life and are delighted that many at Goodman Jones are the sorts of people who seek out opportunities to support charitable causes.

We are accredited by Investors in People.

Excellence & Efficiency

We strive for technical excellence, whilst taking time to make the complex clear. We look for innovative ways to improve the service we provide, always mindful that the provision of our services must be efficient and cost effective.

We are proud of our record regarding our use of IT and always seek to harness technology where that can improve efficiency and our impact on the environment.

We are ISO9001 accredited.

Ownership & Responsibility

We each take personal ownership and responsibility for our actions, and are accountable to our clients and each other for them. We value those who see things through and take pride in their work.

We are particularly mindful of our impact on the communities we operate in and are active members of the Fitzrovia Business Improvement District and Fitzroy Square Frontagers and Garden Committee.

Good Ethics & Professionalism

Relationships are built on trust, sound counsel and good ethics. We always treat all those we come into contact, with professionalism, courtesy, sensitivity and confidentiality.