Independent Examinations

Compliance, insight, improvement

We do not believe that an independent examination should be viewed as a just a compliance exercise and an unnecessary expense. An independent examination can provide you with valuable assurance that your affairs are in order.

Independent examinations are performed in accordance with the Directions set out by the Charity Commission.

However, we understand that every organisation is different – even if operating in the same industry or sector. Each entity has different drivers, objects, systems, methods of working etc.

For us, it does not matter what sector a client operates in or how they do things - we take the time to really understand your organisation, get to know exactly how you work, and what ‘makes you tick’.

Adding value

Independent examinations must follow the Charity Commission’s Directions, but they don’t need to stop there.

A formal “Audit Findings Report” is not required as part of an independent examination – but part of our unique approach is to provide you with a recommendations report.

This will include details of any forthcoming regulatory changes and comments on hot topics within the sector as well as advice on any matters found during the examination itself.

We know that compliance and other technical matters are ever changing – we use our vast experience of all areas of the charity sector to provide you with pro-active advice on those matters that may impact or be of interest to you.

Personal and pro-active approach

We believe that communication is key and that a strong relationship between client and professional adviser is fundamental to an efficient and effective examination.

We maintain regular contact with our clients during the year: getting to know you, understanding how you operate, and finding out the issues that important to you.

You will always have a dedicated team who you know and who know your organisation. Your charity specialist partner is responsible for all of your affairs, and your dedicated manager will co-ordinate detailed work.