Business Tax

See the big picture

Tax efficiency is important to any business. But it shouldn’t be your overriding objective. Your tax strategy must be aligned with your long-term business goals.

Looking to the long goal

A skilled business tax adviser does more than optimise your fiscal arrangements. Looking only at the tax implications of your operations can lead to complex, impractical arrangements.

At Goodman Jones, we take the time to understand your business, ambitions and objectives, so we can anticipate your needs. Then we work out how to meet them as tax efficiently as possible.

And we don’t just look at the present. We’ll help get your businesses to where you want it to be five years,ten years or more.

Strategic guidance

We’ve worked with countless businesses on their tax strategies, and seen the challenges they encounter as they grow.

We can help you find the right long-term options for the major milestones in your business’s lifecycle – for example:

  • Financing and refinancing – structuring your assets appropriately, and making your business as attractive as possible to funders.

  • Exit – selling your business to a third party, passing it on to the next generation, permitting a management buy-out, or potentially a combination of these.

  • Overseas expansion – optimising your foreign operations from a tax perspective (using our international network of advisers); and helping you find the right financing and transfer pricing strategies.

  • Acquisitions and disposals - If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, we can assist by obtaining and preserving tax reliefs and minimising the capital gains tax on disposal.

  • Executive and workforce incentives  - People are the key to all businesses. Incentivising the workforce, either collectively or as bespoke packages is an important tool to generate growth. We can structure tax efficient packages for all requirements.

What our clients say:

Having been in finance for my whole career, I expect a good tax adviser to be on top of rules and the numbers. But what marks out an adviser who truly adds value is the ability to genuinely understand not just the clients’ business, but the people in it.

Goodman Jones guided us through the process of a share buy-back programme, and did so in a way that anticipated our needs, and complemented what we were doing internally. It was a perfect partnership.

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