Structuring Businesses

As businesses develop and grow, having the right structure in place that supports strategic objectives is key.

Having an inefficient structure in place can be limiting and in some cases, can be inefficient from a tax perspective. Inefficiency may lead to loss of annual tax reliefs or increase the annual tax cost. In the longer term, inefficiency may not be appreciated until the business is sold and it is too late.

Building the right structure for the future

Our long term involvement with our clients, means that we often see how the story develops. So we have seen what works and where there are elephant traps for the unwary.

We believe in looking at the strategic plans and understanding what your structure needs to be built for in the long run, not just the immediate requirement.

How we have helped:

  • We have helped businesses to restructure themselves in ways that enables them to pursue strategic growth both overseas as well as in the UK.
  • We have simplified group structures in order to benefit from reliefs only available to certain group structures.
  • We have advised on partnership structures on particular ventures including several property partnerships.
  • We have worked with many family businesses to ensure that their structure will work in harmony with their succession plans.
  • We have helped professional practices with profit allocations, particularly if there are corporate partners.
  • We have also supported some businesses where de-merging has facilitated the pursuit of separate directions, this is particularly applicable to family businesses.