Online systems

We use online systems that allow you to access your business information securely through the web on a PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone.

Online reporting portal.jpg

We can provide you with an online reporting portal that gives you a clear and concise view of your business wherever you are and whenever you need it. If you need a more in depth understanding the system allows you to drill down into the detail.

This portal integrates fully with Twinfield Online Accounting, the first and largest web service for online accounting in Europe. We can implement Twinfield to take care of your accounting and save costs through automated data processing.

These systems are designed to suit most service companies with turnovers of £250,000 - £50m. Cost per user is £15-£75/month (ex VAT) plus our fee for customisation and support.

This online approach represents the future of business systems.  These systems offer more efficient ways to improve your financial management, providing a clearer picture and helping you develop an even fuller understanding of your business.