Internationally Mobile Individuals

If you are coming to the UK as an employee, whether long term or on secondment, you will need help in navigating the UK’s complex tax system.

Unlike most countries, the UK’s year of assessment runs from 6 April to the following 5 April, which means there can be a period of overlap where you are resident in the country you have left as well as the UK.  This can provide opportunities for tax planning but also tax risks as well.

We are used to navigating globally wealthy individuals and families through entering the UK tax system and registering with HMRC.

You may have had initial advice or support from your employer in your first year of employment in the UK but need additional help now, or you may be preparing to move to the UK.

We can offer advice and support on:

How we’ve helped:

  • Dealt with tax equalisation for a client – the process where an employee with tax liabilities in two countries is put in the same net salary position as he would have been if he stayed in his home jurisdiction.
  • Advised an individual on the tax consequences of an employment contract in Malaysia and avoided unfavourable consequences.
  • Assisted a European employee in connection with residual bonuses relating to periods of UK residence and the correct returns to be made to HMRC.
  • Advised a UK National working long term in Canada in connection with the National Insurance consequences.   
  • We ensured that a client did not end up worse off when taking a new role in the UK.  We ensured that the tax position was equalised so that the move to the UK did not mean a negative effect on his net salary position.