Role & Expertise

Figen is an experienced Practice Director with a proven track record of leading high-performing teams, and fostering innovation. Throughout her career, Figen has consistently demonstrated excellent leadership skills, inspiring teams to achieve ambitious goals and surpass expectations. She is adept at cultivating a positive corporate culture that promotes collaboration, diversity, and inclusion, while also encouraging continuous learning.

As Practice Director, Figen is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to optimise operational efficiency. She is dedicated to creating a positive impact, actively engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives and promoting sustainable business practices.


  • Studied Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Part-qualified Accounting Technician
  • Numerous leadership and management training
  • Compliance training (GDPR, AML)


Figen joined Goodman Jones in January 2020 as a practice manager and prior to that, she was at a top 50 accountancy practice.


Figen enjoys travelling and learning new culinary skills.