R&D Tax Credits

If you have undertaken work, either in-house or for a client, which involves creating new products, processes, knowledge, devices or services (or developing existing ones) then you may be eligible to claim R&D tax-credits. 

This generous relief supports all risk-taking companies whose work uses science or technology in order to overcome a limitation or problem. The benefit can be received in multiple ways depending upon your business’s tax position, either via a Corporation Tax reduction, payable credit, or increases in losses available. What’s more: you can still claim the credits even if your project was ultimately unsuccessful.

The R&D tax-credit legislation is purposefully broad in order to capture innovation in all sectors within companies of all sizes – you don’t have to be reinventing the wheel to qualify. Our clients have seen successful results delivered across a variety of industries, such as construction, print and packaging, software, food and beverage, engineering, manufacturing and many others.

R&D is a form of self-assessment. You do not need to work with an adviser to submit a claim, but doing so can hugely increase the robustness of your claim and optimise your claim value. R&D claim preparation is a technically demanding process, and advisers are key in helping companies quantify, support and maximise R&D claims. We have access to the technical knowledge, expertise and key relationships to make sure you receive the full amount of benefit you are entitled to.

The process to make R&D claims since April 2023 have become more complex. If any of the deadlines are missed or the compliance requirements incorrectly followed then HMRC can reject the claim and prevent it being submitted. It is important to get the administration right the first time and we can guide you through the process.