Financial services

Providing investment advice is a highly specialised profession. The best service comes from those who are independent and impartial. The array of available investment products is bewildering. Working through the many options requires the services of people who are expert at understanding which type and mix of products is right for you.  With this in mind we formed Fitzrovia Financial Services.

Fitzrovia Financial Services Limited is a joint venture vehicle between Goodman Jones Chartered Accountants and BIA Financial Planning, a leading company of independent financial advisers.

In the area of pensions alone, particularly with governmental reforms, it is crucial to ensure that you are taking the right decisions now. A wrong move before retirement can result in some nasty shocks when it comes to drawing your pension.

In the world of investment products, whether it’s investment bonds, ISAs, unit trusts, managed portfolios, fixed-term bonds or one of the more adventurous products available, you are going to need to know whether the risk profile is right for you. This should be part of an overall review of your financial state of health.

Fitzrovia Financial Services Limited provide a seasoned team of investment professionals who will safely guide you through the many options, ensuring you have the investment portfolio that's right for you, your family and your business needs.



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