Director Training

Give your business the high-quality board it deserves

A business is only as good as the people leading it.

Individuals are appointed to companies’ boards because they’re excellent at what they do. But what they do isn’t always finance.

Your directors may be highly experienced, and know the firm inside out. But without a solid financial understanding, they can’t glean the insight they need from your accounts.

Without that insight, they can’t ensure the sound stewardship of the firm; and they can’t make informed strategic decisions.

For newly appointed directors, and successors to family businesses, financial training is essential to their ability to perform their leadership role.

Tailored training

Goodman Jones’ Director Training offers new directors everything they need to know about company finance:

  • How to read statutory and management accounts
  • What to look for in a firm’s financial information
  • What stakeholders such as banks and investors will look for

It also gives them an introduction to their fiduciary duties as directors.

Our training is completely tailored to the individual and your business.

Before it begins, our experts will get to know your business and the trainee. And we’ll study your statutory and management accounts in detail.

Then in a two-hour, one-to-one session, we’ll go through your statutory and management accounts with the trainee line by line – including your balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash-flow, creditors and debtors and EBITDA.

We’ll not only ensure that they understand these documents; we’ll help them see beyond the figures, to the business issues that the numbers reveal.

Clarity and confidence

In a fast-changing environment, it’s crucial that that your leaders can see what’s happening with your business as early as possible.

Our training gives new directors confidence in their ability to do just that.

It equips them to look at the business from all angles, and take a clear, unbiased view of what the accounts mean for your firm.

And it gives you confidence that you have a high-calibre board in place – one that can ask the right questions, and make the right decisions. 

Why Goodman Jones?

We’re trusted advisers to hundreds of business across a wide range of sectors. That means we have deep experience of supporting businesses to make the decisions that will drive sustainable success.

As such, our experts are ideally placed to give your newly appointed directors the financial grounding they need for their stewardship role.

Please get in touch with Larry Phillips to find out more about our Director Training.