Professional services in the Property Sector

Whether you’re an architectural practice, Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents or letting agents, we can help set up and manage the financial health of your business by bringing our combined expertise in professional practices and international trading as well as our very full knowledge of the property sector.

Our specific and deep knowledge of the operation of Client Accounts and Landlord and Tenant Act compliance, means that we can help our clients with all aspects of their business.

What sets our service apart is the level of attention our clients get.  Something that is a founding principle and that is driven and delivered by partners, so you know that there is one person who will always have a complete perspective on all the factors as they may affect your business.  We measure in decades the length of our client relationships. 


The structure you select for your business will depend on your own circumstances.

In order to make the best recommendation for your ambitions, it is vital to understand your objectives and also the element of risk profile in the work you are undertaking.

It may also be that these circumstances change as businesses grow making a business restructure something to consider, from both commercial and tax perspectives.

We have considerable experience in working with both corporate structures and partnerships and can advise on both

Succession Planning

Business owners tend to put off major decisions regarding retirement planning. Yet if a business is to remain an ongoing concern, and succession taxes minimised, future planning is absolutely essential.

Our team will give you a fresh view of all your options then review the tax consequences of your preferred exit strategy to ensure you derive optimum benefit from it.

For example, if you are planning to sell your business, the availability of Business Asset Disposal relief can produce a net tax rate of 10% on the gain. We can help to ensure you’re structured to qualify for it.

We will work with you to establish your optimum exit strategy, addressing all the issues and circumstances which make your business unique.

Tax Planning

We can advise you on your tax liabilities but also ensure that you take advantage of the reliefs that may be available to you, for example R&D tax credits are available to firms of architects who can demonstrate innovation. 

In addition to navigating you through the complexities of the UK tax system, we can also call on expertise across the globe, should you be working internationally.

We can advise the business but also the key individuals working within it, whether they are directors or partners.


Your accounts are important.  They are the measure by which financiers, investors and other stakeholders will form a view of your business performance.  So when we, as Chartered Accountants, ensure your statutory accounts meet the disclosure requirements of either UK GAAP or IFRS, we go just that bit further – we consider how we can, within the constraints of those accounting regulations, best display the true picture of your business.  


If an audit is required, we take a systematic approach, working under International Auditing Standards and using electronic systems. Our audit partners, managers and staff work together as one specialist team, ensuring that audits are cost effective and that technical issues are dealt with swiftly and practically.  We receive praise from clients for the fact that our understanding of your business runs throughout the audit team so you won't find yourself spending time explaining how an architects’ firm operates to our audit team.

If your company is part of an overseas group, you may require an overall group audit. In such situations, our experience in dealing with international organisations in a group audit situation will ensure the audit is dealt with smoothly and cost effectively.

Online Accounting

We developed our online accounting service in order to be able to streamline the service we provide to our clients by eliminating unnecessary time spent on data transfer and enabling us to focus our time on getting straight to work on the data itself.

Since then of course, online access to bank accounts and instant communication has become a feature of the modern business.

In addition to the improved efficiency (and lower costs) of the service we can provide, it also means that we have open communication with our clients and are able to provide real time answers.  


How we work

We are passionate about providing an outstanding tailored service to each of our clients.  We look after you.  We put people before the numbers and aim to realise the ambitions of the individuals we advise, as well as the objectives of their businesses. 

We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our clients. Here’s what some of our property and construction industry clients have said recently.

Who we help

We work with businesses and individuals across the sector but have a particular strength with: