Jack Pegden

Working towards an ACA qualification.

I started at Goodman Jones having completed an Economics degree at University. As part of my degree, I spent just over a year working for a company that mentored small and entrepreneur driven businesses. From this experience, I knew that I wanted to go into a line of work that would enable me to do something similar. Goodman Jones seemed perfect for this, with a clientele of owner managed companies. I was also keen to gain some form of qualification post University, that could provide me with some insight and help me to better understand the business world. Having extensively research all qualifications available and given the esteem that the ACA is held in, I decided that this was the best choice for me.

How have you found your experiences in audit to date?

Since I have been at Goodman Jones, I have been given a lot of responsibility. I was sent out on audit within 2 weeks of being in the office, and within months of starting I was trusted to go out to client’s premises without supervision. I was also offered opportunities to work on a variety of different jobs, and in a variety of different sectors. This meant I was able to gain experience in different areas, from auditing listed groups to preparing VAT returns for individuals.

What is the most unusual thing you have had to do as part of an audit?

In my time at Goodman Jones I have undertaken a guided tour of Battersea Power Station and also drives around the Cambridgeshire countryside.

How do you manage working and studying at the same time?

At Goodman Jones there is a clear separation between college time and work time. Although balancing your work and exams is probably the hardest part of the job, you will have dedicated tuition and revision weeks out of the office as part of your training and Goodman Jones do everything that they can to reduce the burden. To date, I have personally sat 3 certificate level exams and 4 professional level exams as part of the pillar approach to undertaking the exams. I have found that studying and doing the exams in this way is very helpful as it allows a clear continuation of your studies from the basics covered at certificate level through to the more challenging aspects of applying knowledge at Professional level . The college is located a 30 second walk away from the office and they are always happy to help at any time, with tutors providing personal phone numbers and emails to provide as much help as they can.

What made you choose Goodman Jones?

For me personally, when choosing Goodman Jones, the main selling point was how friendly the culture is. There is an open-door policy to all managers and partners, and I have felt welcome since the first time I stepped into the building. On your first day the company puts on drinks to welcome you to the firm, and there are monthly socials, ranging from bowling to escape rooms that the firm also puts on.

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