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The science behind great service

Keeping the customer chemistry alive

service science happy customersIn a highly competitive service economy, customer service is often the defining factor that can make or break a business. At its most basic level, customer experience is all about chemistry and there is most certainly a science behind successful customer service.

Great customer service can only be achieved through a balance of robust customer insight and effective employee engagement and training. Service Science helps organisations to gain real insight into how their customers think, feel and act. This then enables them to make continuous improvements to increase customer advocacy.

Making sense of the data

Service Science uses a number of tailored methodologies.

The rise of social media and the ease with which people can now give transparent feedback online has left many businesses with more feedback than they can realistically manage. Couple that with the more traditional methods of feedback surveys and mystery shopping and it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

Clive Nicolaou, Managing Director of Service Science is on a mission to help clients make sense of all this information:

While it can be overwhelming trying to filter through customer feedback, the richness of data available today provides an enormous opportunity for companies in the service sector."

"We help our clients gather specific data from their customers and then effectively analyse it through customised reporting tools. This enables clients to better understand their focus areas and create appropriate improvement plans.

Industry understanding

Undoubtedly their service quality expertise lies in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors. Their clients include many prominent award-winning businesses from some the UK's best known brands through to small privately owned establishments with just as much passion for their customers.

This is what they say:

"Our investment in Service Science has undoubtedly been one of the best business decisions we have made in recent years."

Constructive and detailed feedback which has generated many positive initiatives in driving the quality of our service forward during our several years of association with Service Science."

"Service Science hasn't invented the next penicillin but it has raised issues I've been trying to drill into my staff for years. Yet as soon as they see it raised by a real customer via the Service Science system they can see what they need to do to improve, and they act. The penny has at last dropped!"

Service Science is now also extending its service to B2B organisations and professional practices in particular.

Goodman Jones’ Service ethos and Business Performance Improvement

On Goodman Jones Clive Nicolaou said, “Obviously, given what we do, it is important to us that our own advisers think as we do.

Our relationship with Goodman Jones goes back 30 years and in that time Graeme has always been interested in ways to help us improve how we manage the financial aspects of our business. That has included bringing commercial insight to the process of buying a new business and introducing us to new funding. In short, acting as our sounding board and critical friend. A win-win for both organisations.  Smart business and definitely an example of keeping the chemistry alive.

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