We were delighted to host the British Irish Chamber of Commerce‘s Christmas drinks reception.

Left-Right:  Graeme Bursack, Pat Hoyne, David O’Reilly of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and Declan Merry.

In addition to the London based members, we welcomed several guests who joined us from Ireland as well as Declan Merry and Pat Hoyne from our Dublin-based sister firm, Merry Mullen.  We were delighted to welcome, as guest of honour, Counsellor Paraig Hennessy of the Irish Embassy in London.

Larry Phillips, Paraig Hennessy of the Irish Embassy, London with Graeme Bursack.

Katie Daughen, Head of Brexit Policy for the Chamber kept us all captivated with her insights on Brexit.

Graeme Bursack, Head of the International Group said, “With the ongoing uncertainty over what form Brexit will take in just a few months’ time, and particularly the ongoing question of the Irish border, that watchword for business confidence – ‘uncertainly’ – is greater now, than I can ever remember.  Despite good growth in the Irish economy, and a reduction in UK unemployment to the lowest in over 40 years, it remains a critical time for British-Irish trade.  That is why we are so pleased to be working with David O’Reilly and members of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce – to build strong, long-lasting and mutually fruitful relationships between Britain and Ireland.”

Merry Christmas to you all.

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