As part of our support for the Fitzrovia Business Improvement District, we are delighted to be involved with our friends and neighbours and the Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia festival.

The festival celebrates the centenary of the life and work of Dylan Thomas, a fellow Fitzrovia resident. It will also be raising support for several local charities. The festival launches on Monday 20th October and has a series of events that run over the whole week, with something for everyone. We hope you enjoy it.



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Philip Woodgate - Partner


T +44 (0)20 7874 8836

Philip advises businesses and their owners, including international businesses coming to UK, helping them set-up and establish in the UK.

He acts as a centre-point to solve business issues - coordinating our specialists and adding selected external partners into the mix where appropriate.

A key part of his role is to provide a fast response and practical advice for technical tax and financial issues.

As a member of the ICAEW IT Faculty Technical Committee, he combines financial and technology skill sets and provides management reporting and accountancy services using cloud technology.

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