We are delighted to welcome Figen Davies to the firm in the role as Practice Manager.

Cetin Suleyman, Managing Partner said, “Figen brings considerable expertise to the role and has an impressive track record in business support, particularly in continuously evolving processes and systems, both people and technology driven.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service and the quality of our client experience so we are excited about the ideas and experience that Figen is bringing.”

Figen said, “I will be working to ensure that we are making the best use of our time and talents so that we are focused on delivering the best service for our clients.”


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Cetin Suleyman - Partner

E: csuleyman@goodmanjones.com

T +44 (0)20 7874 8833

Cetin’s focus in on helping his clients improve their businesses and the decisions they make.

With an entrepreneurial family background and a first-hand understanding of what the "bottom line" means in a family business, Cetin brings this understanding into every task. As a result clients value his commercial and practical solutions, both for long and short term business and tax planning.

Most of Cetin’s clients are owner managers of small and medium sized businesses facing similar issues and the past 15 years have focused on the construction and property sector, although he still retains a strong interest in other industry sectors.

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