The statistics that HMRC published for the tax year to April 2016 show that individuals claiming non-dom status paid a record £9.4bn. This is an increase of £130m on the previous year and the highest total since the records began ten years ago.
This is despite the fact that the numbers of individuals claiming non-dom status had dropped by almost 25% to just over 91,000.

Challenging Perceptions

This data shows that the average tax bill is £100,000. It certainly challenges the widely held belief that the UK has huge numbers of non-doms who are not paying their fair share of tax.

So who stopped claiming non dom status?

HMRC traced the 29,000 taxpayers who stopped claiming non-dom status and said that they could be classified into two main groups.

• Those switching their position to domiciled status and continuing to pay tax in the UK
• Those who contributed very little tax in 2015/16 who left the tax system last year. HMRC also provided the statistics for non-UK resident non-doms where the numbers have plummeted from 33,600 to 14,300.

Remittance Basis

Those paying on the remittance basis (where UK tax in only paid on the income or gains brought to the UK) paid nearly £7m which is also the highest figure since records began.

The total paid in charges rose to £285m, again the largest amount raised since its introduction.

Where in the UK?

53% of non-doms were in London and paid 74% of all non-domiciled taxpayers UK income tax, CGT and NI contributions.

Business Investment Relief

At £894m, this was the highest annual amount invested in the UK using the Business Investment Relief.

Making the most of the UK for non-doms

This report suggests that non-doms are certainly paying their fair share to the UK Treasury and making a real contribution to the UK. This is despite other European neighbours encouraging non-doms with their own non-dom regimes.

We are used to working with non-doms to ensure that they maximise their position and make it easier to stay, educate their children and enjoy all the UK has to offer.


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