As readers may have seen in our recent article ‘Non-dom tax abolished:  what’s next’, the Conservative party announced far reaching changes to the taxation of UK residents who have come to live here from overseas, in this year’s Budget back in March.

The proposed removal of the 200-year old non-dom regime and implementation of a new, residence-based set of measures, has been met with no shortage of comment not only from within the accountancy and legal world but also from the currently resident UK non-doms who will be impacted by the measures.

The Government is in listening mode, however.  HMRC is seeking input from the professions at a series of ‘engagement events’ where HMRC is taking face-to-face feedback about the new proposals.  Representatives from Goodman Jones will be attending engagement events in mid to late May which will give us the opportunity to raise questions about the proposed measures relating to Foreign Income and Gains, Overseas Workday Relief, Inheritance Tax.

We are keen to hear from our clients and contacts with any questions that you would like us to raise on your behalf.  Please send us an email to with any points you would like us to make and we will do our best to put them forward in the meeting.  If we can’t raise your questions with HMRC during the events, we will apparently have the opportunity to submit them by email so all isn’t lost if we aren’t able to put your concerns to HMRC on the day.  Please do take this opportunity to have your voice heard!  We look forward to hearing from you.



The information in this article was correct at the date it was first published.

However it is of a generic nature and cannot constitute advice. Specific advice should be sought before any action taken.

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