Audit and our audit approach

Charities and social businesses face numerous and complex accounting and regulation requirements. These may include an independent examination under the Charities Act, or a full audit under the Companies Act or the Charities Act, carried out in accordance with International Standards on Auditing.

For audits, we take a systematic and risk-based approach. We maintain regular contact with our clients during the year: getting to know you, understanding how you operate, and finding out the issues that important to you. We bring these together in a pre-audit planning meeting with you, discussing those matters that are important to you, how we can help with these, and determining the audit information we require.

We believe a strong relationship between client and professional adviser is fundamental, and that you should have a dedicated team who you know and who know your organisation. Your partner is responsible for the audit, and your dedicated manager will co-ordinate the audit process, keep in contact during the work so you are aware of any matters identified.

We also have a policy of staff continuity, whereby the junior member of staff will become the senior during the following year’s audit. This ensures continuity of staff and ensures the detailed testing is performed by someone with knowledge and experience of your organisation.

Communication is key for an effective and efficient audit process, and therefore:

  • We maintain regular contact with you during the audit so all parties are aware of progress and any issues identified;
  • Any issues identified during our work will be discussed with you in a timely manner; and
  • We will ensure that you are kept fully informed of the impact of any issues upon audit work and the decisions taken.

A post audit meeting is a key part of our audit service and provides an opportunity for us to discuss matters face-to-face, and be pro-active in implementing any changes. We also provide a written report to management on completion of the audit setting out any issues identified together with our recommendations, as well as bringing to your attention any other matter which may impact your organisation.



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