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“Charities don’t pay tax!”

If only things were that simple. In fact it could be argued that charities are more likely to be exposed to the impacts of tax and tax administration than commercial companies.

A charity may or may not suffer tax – but it must meet certain criteria in order to get these reliefs.

And actually a charity is likely to suffer tax - paying VAT on its purchases which it may not be able to recover.

Furthermore, not paying tax or completing tax returns does not mean that you do not need to be aware of conditions and criteria in relation to your charity’s tax position - not least meeting HMRC’s definition of a charity.

Having specialist technical support available is vital in ensuring your organisation remains fully compliant whilst being able to take advantage of the opportunities and reliefs available.

We get to know your organisation - how it operates, how it is structured, what are its income streams. All of this allows us to provide pro-active and clear advice. We can become your tax agent and communicate with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) directly in relation to your tax affairs.

At Goodman Jones, our dedicated tax department are very knowledgeable and highly experienced in advising charities on tax matters. We are supported by specialist consultants in PAYE and VAT.

VAT can be a minefield for charities - the varied nature of charitable income, carrying on a ‘business activity’ even if not considered to be trading, and the numerous VAT reliefs not available to commercial companies, all mean that keeping up-to-date with legislation and being able to cut-through the complex regulation is vital.

We can assist by undertaking a full VAT review and health check, advising on grants and contract income, assessing the impact on charity trading and group structure, providing pro-active advice on property transactions – and many, many more.




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