In-house training

Studying at First Intuition is merely one aspect of your training. In addition, we offer three further types of training, undertaken in-house.

Firstly, our in-house training courses ensure that you not only have all the skills to undertake your work in the office and at the client, but also give you additional practical support with the examinations. The examinations are designed to test your practical ability and knowledge in real life situations. Our in-house training is an invaluable addition to your skill sets.

These courses are presented at various points throughout your training, and are primarily aimed at providing you with practical skills required on your work assignments. Courses are given at varying levels as you progress and gain responsibility.

Secondly, there is on-the-job training. You will be working as part of a team virtually from the word go, and the more senior members of the team will provide you with help, advice and direction on each assignment.

Thirdly, remember that training doesn't stop when you are qualified. There will be continuing professional development courses to help you develop and build upon your experience.


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