Hazel Johnson

Tax Director

T +44 (0)20 7874 8829



Role & Expertise

My aim is to steer an individual through the choppy waters of the tax code to a safe shore where they can have certainty and clarity and be able to concentrate on the more important things in their lives, whether that be family, business or other interests. It is a common saying that the tax tail should not wag the dog, but as tax becomes increasingly complicated with conflicting rules and changing guidance good advice is more and more important. Good advice is not about the technicalities, though it is important to get that right, but about understanding and delivering what a client needs and wants.



Hazel has 20 years’ experience of private client advisory work across a wide range of fields – from pure UK advisory work with tax, wills and trusts, through complex planning arrangements working for the Big 4, and more latterly offshore trusts and non UK domiciled individuals. Clients have ranged from high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, private equity and hedge fund managers, all needing bespoke answers to complex problems.

Thorough and very competent, what I like about working with Hazel is that she gives me practical solutions and advice on the best way forward.

- Family office adviser.


Hazel enjoys art of all sorts, whether viewing or making, reads extensively and has ambitions to become a bestselling novelist. She also likes films with car chases and explosions.  


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