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Fundraising is one of the hardest challenges faced by charities everywhere, yet essential to their day-to-day running and success. It is incredibly difficult to consistently encourage awareness for the cause, keep donors interested and raise significant funds, particularly for the smaller organisations out there. This is where FR Events come in. As the chosen fundraising partner for over 100 charities and organisations across the UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia, their goal is to remove those fundraising hurdles. They have successfully combined their experience, knowledge and expertise to alleviate the pressures of fundraising while delivering genuine results for their clients. They work together with both charities and private companies to bring a fundraising element to almost any type of event, from gala dinners and golf days, to the Cheltenham Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. Although they largely specialise in silent auctions, their expertise spans across all elements of event fundraising. fr events goodman jones client profile

CEO and Founder, Jodie Abrahams began the company in 2007 to create a fundraising model which would consistently deliver, changing the face of fundraising worldwide. Her time in the industry lends experience and confidence to an enthusiastic and effective team.

Every event is unique, with different clientele, budget and fundraising targets. FR Events pride themselves on their unique and tailored approach to every event, working closely with each organisation to create a bespoke strategy ensuring maximum charity profit. The most important factor is that there is no financial liability to the charity or organisation running the event. This is because FR Events believe that 100% of money raised should go directly to the charity. The team are there to minimise stress and pressure, and make sure clients meet, and often beat, their targets! They have worked with many of the same charities over many years, developing longstanding and meaningful relationships.

The company expanded its reach to include South-East Asia in 2010 with the opening of an office in Hong Kong. This has increased the international reach and has helped FR Events make a genuine impact on global fundraising, with a huge 200 events worldwide in 2015 alone.

FR Events are always looking for ways to grow and develop. Their fantastic new technology offers the chance to interactively bid on iPads. Developed in-house, they truly understand the important elements of tech-bidding and have created a software that is easy and fun to use, clear and superior.

Since its foundation, their distinctive approach has successfully raised over £30 million for charities worldwide, achieving real results for real people and real causes.

Jodie, CEO and Founder said, “We have worked with Goodman Jones for many years now and have always found them incredibly efficient and amenable. They understand our core values and go above and beyond to make themselves approachable, and are always there with relevant and supportive advice both in general commercial matters and also covering specific tax and VAT queries that come up with an expanding international business. Reliability is essential and Goodman Jones have consistently proven themselves throughout our working relationship.

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