At GJ we recently moved from Blackberry to iPhone.  Our IT sister company have synced Outlook to our iPhones and so the iPhone functions just like our old Blackberrys. The iPhone has proved very popular with our team.

Here are my current top 10 business apps:


Excel and Word functionality for the iPhone.


Locate a nearby wireless network (and cafe). Uses the augumented reality approach also found on Nearest Tube.


Quality content with good small business and management channels.

National Rail

Obtain the latest train information.

Tube Exits

Shortest journey calculator for the tube.

Weather Pro

High precision weather forecast. Very good.

Business Card Reader

Import contact information from business cards directly to your iPhone contacts.


Discover Twitter for yourself and join the growing business users.  Alternatively, there is the LinkedIn app.


Access the Xero accounting system on your iPhone.  Demonstrates how future business systems will integrate with mobile technology.

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Philip Woodgate - Partner


T +44 (0)20 7874 8836

Philip advises businesses and their owners, including international businesses coming to UK, helping them set-up and establish in the UK.

He acts as a centre-point to solve business issues - coordinating our specialists and adding selected external partners into the mix where appropriate.

A key part of his role is to provide a fast response and practical advice for technical tax and financial issues.

As a member of the ICAEW IT Faculty Technical Committee, he combines financial and technology skill sets and provides management reporting and accountancy services using cloud technology.

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